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5 Great Ways to Spend Earth Day with the Family in the Hamilton- Niagara Region 0

Earth Day 2017 Hamilton Niagara


Earth Day is here again and we can't think of a better way to spend this wonderful occasion than with the family. We have always been of the opinion that environmentalism is something that you share with your  community rather than keeping for yourself, and that's precisely what Earth Day is all about.


We've created a small guide for those looking for interesting Earth Day 2017 events in the Hamilton-Niagara Region. While we know that it's impossible to participate in all of them, getting involved in at least one will no doubt be the start of a wonderful day and a chance to create memories for years to come!

Earth Day at Mrs.Greenway [Downtown Dundas & Downtown Grimsby]

While the parents shop around for the things they need for "greening their life" like eco-friendly food storage, water bottles, cleaning products, and personal hygiene items, the younger family members can get to work planting flowers during the FREE Earth Day Activities available. Enter into a draw to win a Plan Toy Flower Kit, while every purchase gets you a chance to win our special Earth Day Gift Basket. Though the 25% off cleaning and laundry supplies can be claimed by everyone, there are limited kits available for the children's activities. Call in advance or visit either the Dundas or Grimsby store to reserve as many spots as you need!


April 22nd, 10 AM- 5PM, more information available here.


Tree Planting Festival  [Churchill Park, Hamilton]

Nothing screams "Earth Day" more than a little tree planting, right? The goal on Saturday the 22nd is to plant all 1,000 trees available while taking advantage of the live music, themed exhibits, and food vendors! Don't miss the Mayor's welcome at 10:30 a.m. and get ready to start planting around 11:00 a.m.


April 22nd, 10:30 AM, more information can be found here.


Recycling Centre Guided Tour [Niagara Falls]

A unique opportunity to see what happens with the things we throw into the blue bin, Niagara Region is giving the public the opportunity to tour its Recycling Center. Participants do have to be at least 10 years old and dressed appropriately in long pants ad closed toe shoes, however it could be the trip of a lifetime for some of your older kids who are interested in green living. The curiosity is sure to extend to parents as well, so reserve spots for everyone who can go on Friday, April 21st! It's worth skipping school for!
More information and reservations can be found here


Earth Day Extravaganza [Welland Farmer's Market]

If you want to celebrate Earth Day surrounded by local produce, the Earth Day Extravaganza event on Saturday morning might be your event of choice. There will be children's activities, face painting, and an opportunity to beautiful the market. Come bright and early at 9:00 a.m. with a bag of used clothing for Textile Waste Diversion and receive a Free Market Tote!
More information on this April 22nd event can be found here


Malcolmson Eco-Park Earth Day Celebration [St. Catharines]

Earth Day is the perfect time to start your own little garden, and the Earth Day celebrations at Malcolmson Eco-Park is the place to acquire your native plants and trees! In addition to helping with planting on location, you will be able to choose your own Paw Paws, Trilliums, Black Eyed Susans and more, helping with restoring natural species to this area in Ontario.
More information about hours, location, and parking can be found here.


Remember that Earth Day is about reinforcing all those Green Living Resolutions we have made over the years. Try to cycle or walk if possible, and encourage conversations about the environment with all members of the family, from 3 year old Junior to Grandpa Bob.
Happy Earth Day!

-Mrs. Greenway

5 Eco-Friendly Crafts to Try this Easter 0

Easter is such a lovely spring holiday when everything seems to be coming back to life. It's also a chance for us to teach our kids about giving new life to some basic items around the house through re-purposing.


"Reuse" is one of the pillars of sustainability and we love using it in our stores and households. From using re-purposed wood on our floors to giving customers a chance to refill their cleaners, we are all about finding value in what we already have and creating less waste in our society.


Kids learn a lot from the lifestyle of their parents, so instilling these values in your children early is a great way to lead them down the "green" path. Kids also love crafting, so there's definitely an opportunity to bring the two together and Easter fun is too good to pass up.


Here are so Eco-Easter crafts that we really like and are looking to try will the grand kids this year:



Pretty Napkin Holders

easter napkin holders

Most families take the opportunity to meet and celebrate over the Easter break, often around a nice, home-cooked meal. Brighten up the table with some pretty napkin holders made from egg cartons, paper tube, and just a little paint. The kids will definitely want to help with making these and setting the table for your festive meal!


Cut the cups from the egg carton and trim them to give them a floral shape. Then paint them with craft paint and hot glue them to rings cut from a paper towel roll. Add a couple of pretty leaves for a more "complete" look and enjoy them over and over again.

Image: Dane Tashima


Bird Seed Eggs

bird seed easter eggs

It's time for the kids to be the organizers of an Easter event: A Birdy's Easter Egg Hunt. First, make some bird seed eggs using bird seed, gelatin, and plastic Eco-Eggs. The exact measurements are listed below:

  • 8 1/3- 8 1/2 cups bird seed
  • 1/3 cup gelatin
  • 1.5 cups water
  • 36-38 Plastic Eco Eggs (available in-store)

Lightly grease the plastic eggs with vegetable spray and fill with the packed bird seed mixture- a teaspoon will be helpful. Once all the eggs are filled, snap them closed, chill them in the freezer for 2 hours and then remove the shaped eggs carefully from their shells. Put them into paper egg cartons to dry for a day or two. Then it's time to set up a little hunt for the spring birds, laying these eggs on tree stumps, hanging them up in trees, even patiently holding them in your hand and seeing if some friendly chickadees will come and nibble from your palm.


Egg Shell Garden

egg shell garden

Literally make your eggs a source of "green" inspiration by using shells as planters for some fresh sprouts. Carefully let each child draw a face on their own egg shell, fill it partially with soil, add some small, quick growing seeds like catnip or watercress, water them and watch it grow! The kids will love checking in everyday on the status of their egg's "hair" growth. Later if you'd like, you can directly plant the egg shells with their sprouts in the garden or a bigger pot since it's biodegradable and actually adds important nutrients to the soil.



Egg Carton Chicks

 egg carton easter chicks

These cute chicks can be a cute way to store painted eggs, little treats, or even an alternative to a plastic egg in an egg hunt! They are very easy to make and really don't require more than an egg carton, paint, a little card stock paper, and glue.


For more detailed instructions, visit Paper Plate and Plane



Felt Easter Baskets

 recycled easter egg baskets

Does it feel weird buying new Easter baskets every year for your kids to go "hunting" with? This year, make a point of making them together and personalizing them to suit their individual styles. The base of this craft is a food-grade bucket, like what you would get ice cream or margarine in. To make it even more sustainable, instead of using new felt, re-purpose other fabric that you have around the house, like an old receiving blanket or old t-shirt that doesn't fit anymore. Having a personalized basket will make the thrill of the hunt even more appealing.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Image: Dane Tashima



Tag us in your Eco-Easter creations to be featured in our social media! 


We're looking forward to seeing your sustainable crafts and would like to wish everyone a very happy and green Easter Season!