About Us


Mrs Greenway is a family-focused business committed to offering eco-friendly and green products, and inspired by the desire to leave a better world for future generations. Owned by Mary Lou Miszuk in collaboration with daughter Christine, our first Mrs Greenway location opened its doors in Dundas, Ont., in 2014. 

The inspiration behind Mrs Greenway struck when one of Mary Lou’s granddaughters was diagnosed with severe allergies that were difficult to control, forcing our family into some major lifestyle changes. As we tried to buy eco-friendly products for her and our homes we found that we were struggling to find products that were available locally, and often had to make our everyday purchases online. So, we decided to open a store that would offer a local alternative for customers just like us, while also offering refillable eco-conscious products that help to reduce the amount of plastics and products destined for landfills.

To this day, family is at the heart of our business — even the name Mrs Greenway was coined by our very own Uncle Barry. When asked what the meaning was, he explained that "Mary Lou is a Mrs., and Green is the way to go!”

Just one year after the first Mrs Greenway store opened, we launched a second store in Grimsby, Ont., which welcomed its first customers on November 1, 2015. Our flagship Dundas store relocated to its current space in June 2017 after it outgrew its original home amid the ever-growing shift toward sustainable products and a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Over the years, Mrs Greenway has been home to many products and brands, but we have remained loyal to the companies and people behind Live For Tomorrow and Indigo Wild (Zum). Together, they were the first laundry and cleaning brands to appear on our shelves. As the marketplace of eco-friendly and green products has grown — and our business along with it— it has sometimes been difficult to choose which items to trust for our customers and our own family. In those moments, we are guided by our pride in Canadian products and independent businesses, and our desire to seek out unique products from across the country.

One great example are Ulat dryer balls, which we have stocked since we opened, and are still handmade in Vancouver. Knowing that we can never compete with big box stores, we are instead driven to connect with like-minded small, independent brands like Ulat that are proud to be found in small, locally-focused stores such as ours.

Every day, we are driven by a desire to make shopping easy for our customers, and to help people easily find the eco-friendly products and ingredients that they seek both in our stores and online. That means that we love to be a source of knowledge and education about the many choices available to those who may just starting out on their journey of a more sustainable lifestyle. In each of our stores we proudly offer more than just products — we have answers to questions! When you visit one of our stores, in addition to a wide selection of products, you’ll likely notice that our eco-conscious values are present in every corner of our store’s design. Our stores are lit by LED flat panel lighting, meaning that an entire store’s lighting is equivalent to just three 100-watt light bulbs! 

Today, our mission is to continue educating consumers, and offering the best for us all. Our motto is “let’s protect our children and our children’s children.”