10 Steps to Planning an Eco Baby Shower

eco baby shower


Becoming a mom, especially for the first time, is a huge life change, and one that can spur women to change their outlook on life. The maternal instinct of loving, nurturing, and protecting kicks in, and the results can be both surprising and incredibly positive. One such urge is to spare the newest member of the family from contact with harmful substances, chemicals, and irritants. It also inspires the mom to work on creating a world in which her bundle of joy will thrive: one that is natural, sustainable, beautiful, and healthy.


There's no better way to support the mama-to-be's dreams than by planning and executing an Eco Baby Shower! Keeping everything "green" and eco-friendly will help the new Mom prepare for her new and exciting stage of life, while having fun and passively educating all the guests on sustainable habits and practices.

Let's get started!

 1. Paperless Invitation

An easy way to save paper and ink (not to mention a little cash) is to send out paper-less invitations. If you are having an informal affair, feel free to make it a Facebook event and prepare an email with all the details for those who might not have Facebook (cough…great-grandma….cough). However, if you want to make it fancier, there are tons of paperless invitation options online which are easy to customize and send via email. Just be sure to mention that this will be a "green event" and what that implies.

 2. Green Baby Registry

Baby Showers are all about showering the Mom-to-Be and her baby with gifts! Help her stock her nursery with all-natural, organic and sustainable items, from wash cloths, swaddling, diaper bags, bottles, and more by asking her to register with an Eco- Baby Registry. Don't know where to start? The Top Eco-Baby Registry Essentials, of course!

 3. Healthy and Natural Snacks

When planning the menu for the baby shower, remember to keep to the theme and serve up healthy, fresh foods, incorporating organic products when possible. If you have the resources, hire a caterer specializing in cooking with local, organic produce, or have some fun doing it yourself. No need for super complicated dishes, just stick to the crowd pleasers like tortilla chips with homemade guacamole, a veggie platter with beet hummus, a greek quinoa salad, and whole wheat finger sandwiches. Keep it light, fresh, and tasty!

 4. Fresh Mocktails

Want to take the party to the next level?! Give this soiree an elegant feel by serving up freshly squeezed juice-based mocktails. Safe for all the Mom-to-be to drink and a refreshing alternative to mimosas or other day drinks served at female-dominated gatherings.

 5. Ban Wrapping Paper (unless it's reused)

In the invitations, remember to lay out the rules of the party- one of which is no wrapping paper. This will challenge guests to find alternate ways to wrap their gifts or find ways to present them without wrapping them at all!

 6. Make a "Green" craft together.

Whether it's making bunting out of burlap or natural baby cream, give the guests something fun to do.  Consider décor elements for the new nursery, putting a quilt together or even going outside and planting some trees in the baby's name. Your creativity will be rewarded with lots of laughter, great memories, and the result of the handiwork of the guests.

 7. Cook together

If you have time and the space to do it, turn this into a cooking party. Together with all the guests, cook some healthy, wholesome meals that the new mom will be able to freeze now and quickly defrost when she will be too tired, weak, or busy to cook. Finding food in your fridge when you are ready to pass out from hunger and exhaustion is the best feeling ever.

 8. Ditch the Greeting Cards

Instead of bringing a card, ask guests to bring a used children's book from either their personal library or a second hand store, and write an inscription in the front. Let's face it, greeting cards will just be recycled after a few months, and the books will be treasured for years.

 9. Use either biodegradable or regular plates + cutlery

During your Eco Baby Shower remember to serve all your delicious dishes on sustainable plates and bowls and your drinks in reusable cups. If you don't have enough of everything for the number of guests coming, raids your friends' kitchens (with their permission of course). However, if it's going to be a huge hassle, use biodegradable plastic plates or wooden disposable ones that can be burned or buried rather than just thrown in the trash.

 10. Favours

There are so many exciting options for small, sustainable gifts for the baby shower guests! From goat milk soap, to a packet of organic seeds, or a small plant, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation to the guests who came and to inspire them to be more eco-conscious in their every day habits. Our favourite? All-natural hand sanitizer! Perfect for when they visit the new baby!



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