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Sometimes a spa night is not an indulgence- it's a necessity. No matter what the cause, whether it be a teething baby that keeps you up all day and night, a stressful project at work, or it's just been a while since you had some "me" time, taking the time to pamper yourself is not just good for the body, it's good for the soul.


However, there are also a multitude of things that can keep you from just popping into your local spa, so knowing how to create the perfectly soothing and relaxing environment in your own home is crucial. Keep everything natural and organic while you're at it, and now you can truly unwind!


Here's our favourite way to wind down after a tough week:


Set the mood


Every spa is saturated with "zen". From the lush plants, to the sounds of water bubbling in the fountain, to the nature-inspired interior design. No matter what the "theme" is, the one thing that they have in common is mood. However, that's something that we can control as well! Dim the lights in your bathroom or set up a soft lamp, turn on a Nora Jones album, and light some scented soy candles. I'm already starting to feel relaxed.


Mix up your treatments


If you are going to whip up a face mask or one for your hair, this is the time. If you 're looking for an all-natural hair mask recipe, it can be as easy as melting some organic coconut oil and massaging it into your rough and dry ends. Indulge in a moisturizing and brightening facemask by mixing half of a mashed avocado with 1 teaspoon of honey dissolved in 2 tablespoons of hot water. Apply it to your face with either your fingers or  brush while enjoying the vibrant colour and natural "goodies" that both avocado and honey provide.


Draw a bath


Though not everyone is a bath lover, everyone can appreciate the relaxing nature of hot water. So whether you decide to draw a full bath or a just some hot water to soak your tired feet in, don't forget to throw in your favourite bath salts. We love using ZUM's salts as they are all-natural and smell incredible. If you are wary of "floaties" in your tub, either sew them into some muslin fabric like a tea bag, or tie in a fresh stocking. Once you are done with the bath, all you have to do is fish it out and dispose of it. But while you're in there, just close your eyes and relax.


Apply your Treatments


Usually treatments like masks need some time to full activate. What better time to do that while you are in the tub? Rub your hair with your prepared treatment and wrap it in an old towel to lock in the heat and maximize the effect. While you're in the tub, there's no need to worry about dripping facemasks or your exfoliate getting all over the floor. It's easy and mess-free.




When you feel like you have spent sufficient time in the tub, time to rinse yourself from the treatments you had applied earlier. It also gives you a chance to lather up with a nice soap and wash the suds away with some clean water.




After you have toweled off, it's prime time to moisturize. Everyone has their own favourite way of keeping their skin silky smooth, from body butters, to balms, rubs, lotions, or even oils. Whatever you prefer to apply, always rub it in towards the heart. Start from your toes and move upwards and then from your fingers and move towards your shoulders. This will naturally stimulate blood flow and decrease the appearance of cellulite.




While your nails and cuticles are soft, pull out your nail kit and get to work. Turn on a chick flick as you trim excess cuticles, shape those beautiful nails and choose the polish you want to apply. We always go for non-toxic nail polishes that are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. They are usually just referred to as "3 Free" polishes and are a much healthier alternative to regular drugstore brands. Once your nails have dried, moisturize your hands, get in your p.j.'s and it's time to drift off into dream land.



Indulging in a spa night is something you can do alone or with friends. Set up a foot soak station, prep the treatments together, and then relax while you let the wonderful natural ingredients do their work. Forget about what you need to do tomorrow, all the things you didn't get to today, because truly enjoying a night for yourself starts in your mind.

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