Mrs. Greenway's Christmas Shopping Guide
Putting together a good Christmas list is difficult to say the least. Everyone has different tastes, lifestyles, needs, and wants, making it near impossible to come up with ideas that all your gift recipients will appreciate.
That's why we've put together a little cheat sheet for you to use when Christmas shopping at Mrs. Greenway. These are gifts that we suggest over and over again to anxious shoppers who are completely stumped with all the options and the long list of people they still need to find something for.


Gift for Kids:

No matter which life stage you are in, there is always a kid of two to shop for. Some Christmas lists can have dozens! If you're looking to get a cute outfit,  a great place to start is the Montreal-made Elektrik Kidz collection. From sleepers, onesies, hats and gloves, there are many unique, adorable pieces that you won't find anywhere else. Another Canadian brand is WeeUrban, which makes especially cute sleep sacks, a cross between a sleeping bag and a blanket.

Some seasonal favourites are the quirky Solemate socks which come in odd-numbered packs as well as Toronto-made Mimitens, a line of all-weather gloves, booties, and hats! These are super high quality and very practical, meaning that both the parents and the kids will love your gift.

solemate socks
If you are going abroad for Christmas or want to get a meaningful gift that you'll send to family far from you, why not choose the quintessential Canadian clothing item: the moccasin. Minimoc hand makes these natural leather shoes in their Canadian studio and they come in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes. They are a best-seller and much loved by all who have them.

Toys are always a Christmas staple for children, but we all struggle with finding toys that are smart, good quality, and will stand the test of time. We love showing off the beautiful wooden toys we carry from companies like Plan Toys and Hape Toys. However, these aren't the toys that we remember from our childhood- they're even better!

Plan B Toys
Hape Toys
For older kids or ones that like to craft, we recommend Kiss Natural Kits. This Canadian made line presents DIY natural cosmetics kits that allow kids to make their own lip balms, hair chalk, soap, and more! Now that's cool!


Gifts for Her:

Our store is full of great gifts for all the women on your Christmas list. From cute Pixie Mood purses and wallets, to lip balms and soaps, you'll be able to find something for all your friends, treasured teachers, and more. Preloved scarves, leg warmers, and mittens have been especially popular since the weather has turned. This company makes all their products from recycled clothing, meaning that every piece is one of a kind and sustainable.

pixie mood purses
preloved mitts

preloved scarf
Also see our different themed Gift Baskets for beautiful (and useful) hostess gifts, easy presents for those ladies who are difficult to buy for, and even as self-care pampering packages (we all need it after all this crazy shopping!)


Gifts for Him:

Though this might not be your go-to destination for the men on your list, we might surprise you with the good value of our Gentlemen's Gift Basket. It's full of essentials that men keep buying over and over again. Oh, and is your friend trying to compete with Santa for best beard? Ask to see our beard care products, he'll love them!


Mom & Grandma:

Moms and Grandmas have important and draining jobs for which they don't get enough thanks. This is the time of year to show them that you value them and their role in the family. Spoil them with scented candles, their favourite lotions, and bath salts. Picture a spa and give them all the ingredients that will allow them to pamper themselves at home on a regular basis.


The Eco-Warrior:

We all have a friend that is a self-proclaimed Eco-warrior. Sometimes it's difficult to buy for a person like this because you don't want to get anything "chemically" or unsustainable, or even worse, something that they will see as useless and wasteful. Hit the bulls eye with a gift of Ulat Dryer Balls and all-natural laundry soap. It's consumable, sustainable, refillable, and saves electricity. We told you it's perfect!


The Personal Trainer:

Give your personal trainer a S'well bottle for Christmas this year. It's high quality, will keep their beverages the temperature they want,  and they're beautiful. They come in all different sizes and patterns, so choose one that suits their style and forget about that box of chocolate you were about to give. They wouldn't want it anyway!

Employees and Colleagues:

We prepared a number of different Gift Baskets that are easy gifts for employees or colleagues at work. From edible treats, to a Spa Set full of holiday-favourite frankincense and myrrh ZUM products, to the Gentlemen's Basket, we're making gifting easy. None of them feel quite right? Our staff will put together and wrap your custom-designed gift basket!

We hope that this list will help you get your Christmas shopping done quickly and easily. And the best part is that you can feel good knowing that your gifts are natural, sustainable, and healthy. That's special.
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