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Few of us think of Asian countries like China and Taiwan as sustainable places to live. But that's something that Kim Dunk of Just Eco wants to challenge.


After this Canadian finished her graduate education in Taiwan, she decided to give back to the country that allowed her to live the life of travel and adventure that she had always dreamed of. Kim started volunteering at orphanages in small  Taiwanese and Chinese villages, learning as much from the residents as they did from her.



The lifestyle in these small villages was actually very sustainable, with smart but simple innovations to make life easier for those who lived there. From recycling and reusing clothes and textiles, to collecting rainwater and using solar power to boil it, life in the village was simple but low impact on our planet, especially when compared to the North American lifestyle that Kim came from.


Inspired by the sustainability of this life, Kim wanted to help the residents in these villages become more self-reliant. Unfortunately, due to the state of the local economy, many families were split up when members would move to big cities to work in factories and provide for their loved ones back home. Kim would see some trying to start their own enterprises in an attempt to keep their families and friends together at home, and she decided to help out.


She supported a village that created sustainable pencils made from recycled paper and non-toxic graphite in addition to a vibrant colouring pencil line. The production of these pencils means that the residents of the village can work close to home on a product that reflects their sustainable approach to life.

 Just Eco HB PencilsJustEco Coloured Pencils

Now it's up to us to support this mission by purchasing JustEco's high-quality and sustainable products, spreading awareness about its message, and let the story inspire us to become more conscious, more deliberate, and more eco-friendly in our everyday lives.



We're happy to say that JustEco pencils and pencil crayons are available in both Mrs. Greenway stores.


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