Beyond the Onesie - Useful Baby Shower Gifts that Mama and Baby will Love
Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting event, both for the parents and for their family and friends. This special time is often marked by baby showers, intimate gatherings between friends, and family celebrations. Everyone wants to contribute to preparing for the baby's arrival, often with thoughtful gifts for the parents and the baby.
However, some gifts are more appreciated than others. You know what you mean if you have ever had kids: The endless pile of newborn onesies that no single child could ever possibly go through before outgrowing them, the same fleece baby blankets, and baby bottles that your baby never ended up liking. It's a difficult situation to navigate through for everyone, but can be avoided if the right strategy is employed.
If you want to be known as a great gift giver, it's time to step up your game and try one of these products from this list:
  1. Sleep Sack

Times have changed and though blankets are a great thing to have in the car or stroller for chilly days, a blanket in the crib is seen as a hazard. Sleep sacks are a safe way to keep the little bebe cozy in his crib during naps and can be a thoughtful gift that parents might not have even known that they needed!


  1. Lulla Doll

Sleep is precious. This is something that new parents will quickly learn and seasoned parents will soon remember. The Lulla doll is a sleep aid that helps babies fall asleep and keep them in deep sleep for longer. The sound of a mama's breathing and beating heart is enough to make anyone want to take a snooze. Definitely a useful and treasured gift.


  1. Earth Mama Angel Baby Set

Mama just delivered a baby. Give her some much needed love and attention! Earth Mama Angel Baby makes a fantastic gift set, however if you want to personalize the selection a bit more, consider getting a couple of products from this line. The Nipple Butter, Mama's Bum Balm, and the Milk Maid tea are great starting points!


  1. Baby Skin Care

Consumables are safe bets when it comes to gifts because they will be found to be useful at some point. Stock the parents with lotions, shampoos, bum creams and oils that they can use to keep their baby's delicate skin clean and moisturized. If they are natural, it's more likely that they can be used even on sensitive babies with eczema and other conditions.


  1. Nursing Cover

We love the OVer Company nursing cover. Not only is it very fashionable and stylish, but it has multiple functions, which means that mama will have more room in her diaper bags for other things! It can be used as a scarf, for nursing in public, as a bassinet or car seat cover, as well as a shopping cart cover.

OVer Nursing Cover

  1. Books

It might not be something that can be used right away, but it's never too early to start building a baby's library. From thick cardboard books that are safe for toddler, to a beautifully illustrated encyclopedia that will occupy a child for hours, they are wonderful gifts that can end up "giving" for a long time. Oh, and bonus, you can leave a dedication in the front so that years later, the gift giver is not forgotten.


  1. Gift Cards

It's difficult to buy a large ticket item on your own, and both parents and generous gift givers know this. When you give a gift card, you give the parents the opportunity to buy something bigger with combined cards as well as the freedom to buy missing items in their own style. It's difficult to know exactly what is needed, and a gift card is a more elegant way of presenting this freedom than cash.


  1. Something off the Registry

Registries are the best solution out there for voicing needs and wants and matching them with generous and loving gifts. Parents can add all their essentials, from diapers, crib sheets, thermometers, towel, nail clippers and more, and you can just go online or to the store they registered at and directly purchase the item.

Register at Mrs.Greenway

Times have changed, yet one thing remains true: we love babies and showering them with gifts and love. Now it's up to us that they have the best welcome to this world, including thoughtful and useful gifts that will be appreciated by all!

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