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Everyone secretly loves Back to School Season. The fresh notebooks, pristine backpacks, and crumb-less lunch boxes have us all full of optimism and excitement. Even the ones who mourn the end of summer find something to look forward to with Back to School shopping, even if it's just for a new outfit.


It's important to set yourself up for success from the beginning of the year, meaning that you will need to invest in helpful tools that will keep you and your kids from fizzing out too quickly. Here's what we propose:



SoYoung Backpack

 soyoung backpacks

The backpack is the universal back to school sign, though we're sure that your kids use it for all kinds of things, from afternoon outings at the park, to weekends at Grandma's. Build a foundation for your back to school outfit by choosing one that is both stylish and good quality, meaning that it won't have to be replaced halfway through the year. SoYoung is a Toronto company that makes amazing linen backpacks with timeless designs that both the students and the parents can appreciate.


Bento Box Lunch Boxes

 planetbox rover

With these new meal schedules and zero-waste initiatives at local schools, Snackables just won't cut it anymore. That's why it's time to make your own "snackables", full of fresh vegetables, whole wheat grains, lean protein, and sweet fruit. A bento box style lunch box is a great way to organize your children's feasts and encourages everyone involved to make healthy choices. We have a range of great options in stock, from the ever-popular YumBox, the sturdy Planet Box, and the newly arrived OmieBox. Each has its own positive attributes, from portability, thermal qualities, and extended warranties, so make sure to check each own out for yourself!



Mabel's Labels

mabels labels 

Face it, it's difficult to keep track of kids' stuff, especially when they take it to school. It's easy for the little ones to mix up their food containers or even their running shoes. Mabel's Labels are an easy way to stake your claim on your kids' belonging, ensuring that everyone knows that your stuff is yours.


Snack Pouches


Back to school also means back to after school activities like art lessons, karate, dance, or soccer. And that means you'll be porting around snacks. A lot of them. So instead of using ziplocks or other disposable containers, it's time to invest in some snack pouches. We have options in stores that you can use for dry snacks like nuts or crackers, as well as for more liquid foods like yogurt or apple sauce.






 swell bottles for kids

It's easy for kids to get dehydrated when their parents aren't there telling them to take a sip of water every few minutes. What's the magic strategy? We like to think that a cool bottle or drinking alternative that the little pupil chose him or herself is the best way to encourage carrying it around and using it frequently. From S'well bottles to Kleen Kanteens for infants and children, to Drink in a Box, your little tikes will have a lot to choose from at Mrs.Greenway.








With all the essentials in order, your kids can slowly start transitioning into their back to school frame of mind. We have much more in store that can help ignite the back to school excitement!


In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for healthy lunch inspiration on our social media! It's something we're passionate about!





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Mary GAllagher

Mary GAllagher

Please email the price list for the various Planet Boxes you carry so I can discuss with my daughter sending her boy “back to school”. I would like to “gift one” to her

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