ZUM Wool Dryer Ball Mist Patchouli


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Wool Laundry Balls are revolutionary, but sometimes they need a little pick-me-up. This 2 oz. Patchouli Aroma Blend Refill helps you put the joy back in your wool balls so they keep delivering load after load of your favorite aromas. This aroma blend refill can be used to keep your O.G. wool balls scent in play or to shake it up with a fresh new scent. Either way, it sure puts the “yay” back into laundry day.

A spicy bite with musky undertones. Patchouli is deeply earthy with a hint of sweetness.

fragrance (essential oils), water, glycerin

Give this bottle a shake and a spray straight on your Wool Dryer Balls for the perfect aromatic up-lift. Spray them as frequently as your nose desires.

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