(re)zip - Half Gallon Deli Bags - 4 Pack


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Goodbye, messy deli drawer. Hello, serene and orderly land of lunch possibilities. These half-gallon (re)zips are slim yet spacious, perfect for storing cold cuts and sliced cheeses. Like all (re)zips, they're durable, food-safe, and simple to clean which makes them remarkably convenient for meal prep, freezing fruit for smoothies, keeping fresh herbs fresh, and cut veggies handy for healthy snacking. This 4-pack covers a weekly grocery run. So, whether we prop them upright or stack them flat, they reduce fridge clutter, giving us time to appreciate how many disposable deli bags well keep out of the trash this year.

USE & CARE Handwash: Add a drop of dish soap with water to your (re)zip. Seal it up and shake it around. Its sort of fun. Wash and rinse bag and seal thoroughly. Dishwasher: Prop open (re)zips on the top rack. Wash on a standard setting. Note: do not use high heat settings. Dry: Dry open on a rack, or wipe with a clean kitchen towel. Seal care: Periodically wipe closure grooves with a bit of vegetable oil to keep them closing smoothly. (re)zip bags are not intended for use in the microwave, sous vide, or in high heat. Please make sure all hot foods have cooled before storing them in your (re)zips.

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