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These unbleached and hand-cut loofah sponge make a great eco friendly dish sponge with 100% natural fibers. Works for dishwashing and cleaning larger surfaces like stove tops and counter spaces with ease. It's completely compostable and a great alternative to plastic cleaning tools!

100% compostable, loofah has been used by different cultures for centuries before plastic was mass-produced. It replaces traditional plastic sponges in dishwashing and general household cleaning.

  • natural plant: made from 100% loofah (luffa) plant
  • anti-bacterial & easy to clean: compared to plastic, loofah is anti-bacterial and can be disinfected by boiling in water
  • effective & non-scratch: safe to clean food scraps and stain stuck on cast iron stainless steel, and non-stick cookware
  • scrub pots, dishes, and other surfaces with dish soap as needed
  • the loofah will start foaming up from the soap with from a well scrubbing
  • place in green bin to compost or directly compost in backyard
  • loofah can also be used like coconut fiber in the garden, excellent at water retention, growing seedlings, creating potting mix, pest resistant, and to use as bedding in worm bins

Set of 2 Sponges

Size: 14 cm x 9 cm


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