Nada - Kids Aluminum Toothbrush (Removable Brush Head)


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All smiles, no plastic waste – Billions of disposable toothbrushes end up in landfills and oceans every year. Switch to Nada, a beautiful metal handle you keep and premium brush heads that are 100% recycled.

Big smiles for little people – Meet the Nada toothbrush for kids—the same premium, eco-friendly toothbrush, only smaller. Start your child off with a clean, sustainable Nada toothbrush.

👶 Ages 2+.


1 Aluminum Handle + 3 Brush Heads

  • Rinses clean—no toothpaste or bacteria buildup
  • Lays flat—won’t roll over
  • Soft tapered bristles, for a gentler, deeper clean
  • Elevated Brush heads won’t touch dirty surfaces

Nada brush heads and bristles are 100% recyclable. Please return your used ones to Nada or drop off brush heads at our store locations. Nada sends them to be recycled into plastic pellets.



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