Myni - Unscented Laundry Tabs


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 Myni ultra-concentrated ecological tablet detergent that gently cleans all fabrics.

  • Box of 70 tablets
  • Unscented
  • Packaging: packaging box is recyclable, and the eco-clear bag is made of plant-based polylactic acid (PLA) and is certified compostable. 
  • Made in Quebec, Canada

Use two tablets with every wash for your light, dark and coloured clothes!


Citric acid: This is the product of fermented, vegetable-based raw materials and helps to dislodge dirt, to ensure the tablet dissolves in water and to ensure the product’s pH is slightly acidic.
Sodium carbonate: This mineral, also known as soda crystals or washing soda, is a filler to ensure that the tablet dissolves in water.
Sodium coco-sulphate: This coconut oil derivative has detergent properties that helps remove grease and dirt.
Sodium citrate: This coconut oil derivative has cleansing properties that create a soft creamy lather and remove grease and dirt.
Sodium chloride: This ingredient, commonly called "table salt", contributes to give density to the tablet.
Sodium percarbonate: This ingredient, derived from the reaction of soda crystals and hydrogen peroxide, is an oxygen-based bleaching agent.
Lauryl/myristyl glucoside: Derived from natural sources, this surfactant contributes to cleaning and promotes the formation of foam in the detergent.
Sodium metasilicate: This basic ingredient is a saponification agent that helps to eliminate fats.
Enzymes: Enzymes clean protein and fat-based stains by specifically breaking down these types of molecules.
Caprylic/capric triglyceride: Obtained from hydrogenated and hydrolyzed coconut oil, this ingredient modifies the density of the powder and helps compress the tablet.
Sodium gluconate:
 This salt, derived from gluconic acid, helps to maximize the effectiveness of the tablet by reducing the effect of water ions.

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