Mabu Multi Cloth - Single Pack


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Tired of dirty cleaning cloth smell? Banish the ick but keep the clean with These unique, multi-use cleaning cloths are made from viscose rayon, an all-natural wood fiber that's strong and durable. Compared against normal microfiber cloths, Mabu's cloths rinse free of bacteria with normal tap water. So, say so long to spreading stink and say hello to soft, absorbent cleaning. Cloth measures approx. 11-1/2"L x 11-1/2"W

Mabu MULTI CLOTH - For dishes and everything else. Once you’ve rinsed out the vegetable starch stiffener, it’s hard to believe how soft, thick, absorbent Mabu is. The eight open weave layers rinse out fresh each time. The Mabu Multi Cloth is naturally bacteria resistant.

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