mimiTENS - Childrens Mittens Kyle & OG Raptors

Product Description

Brand: Mimitens

Made in Canada!
ALL WEATHER mimiTENS are made of water-repellent nylon, insulated with Thinsulate™ and lined with Oeko-Tex® certified bamboo/cotton fleece for extra warmth and softness. Cotton + lycra cuffs keep mitts up those busy arms.  These mittens boast an extra safety feature - The identifier tags are made of 3M Scotchlite Reflective tape making your kids that extra bit more visible!
Available in sizes: BABY (no thumb), 1, 2, 3 and 4 .

fabric content/tissues
mittens/mitaines: 100% nylon (water-repellent/impermeable) Recycled Thinsulate and Oeko-Tex certified 100% rayon bamboo/cotton
cuff/manchette: cotton + lycra

care instructions/instructions d'entretien
Wash cold and either hang to try or tumble dry low. 
If you want, you can turn the sleeve inside out and then put the mittens on your heat vent over night.  That works really well!




SIZE BABY - 7 cm wide by 10 cm tall. 
SIZE 1 - 8.5 cm wide by 11.5 cm tall.
SIZE 2 - 8.5 cm wide by 13.5 cm tall.
SIZE 3 -  9 cm wide by 14 cm tall.
SIZE 4 -  9 cm wide by 14.5 cm tall.