Joni - Super Tampons (16/pack)


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Our 100% certified organic cotton tampons (including the string!) provide unscented and chemical-free protection that doesn't irritate your vagina. Our applicator-free tampons reduce your carbon footprint each cycle. Just use your finger to insert your tampon vs a traditional plastic applicator that just gets thrown away. 

  • certified organic (GOTS, OCS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified)
  • plant-based plastic compostable wrapper (BPI and OK Compost biodegradable)
  • Chemical free, chlorine free & fragrance free

Contains 16 super absorbency tampons. Super tampons absorb between 9-12g of blood.

    You deserve a higher standard of transparency. joni tampons are made with 100% organic GOTS certified cotton — even the string.

    Applicator free for the planet! Also known as digital tampons, as you use your finger to insert. Equals a reduced carbon footprint each month as millions of plastic applicators end up in landfills each year.

    Joni has donated over 100,000 period products since they launched in 2020 and they're just getting started. 5% of Joni's revenue supports period equity initiatives like educational programs, product donations, and research projects to empower everyone who menstruates.

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