Hape - Gardening Tool Set


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  • A real tool to help the kids to explore the microscopic world;
  • Magnification: x60-x120, through the high-definition lens, even small fibrous tissue can not escape the eyes
  • 2 IN 1 Mode
  • 1. Home Use: install the professional microscope slides for kids, turn on the LED and adjust the focus, so you can feel the laboratory-like scientific investigation experience at home;
  • 2. Handheld microscope for kids: outdoor travel to carry, observe the microscopic world anytime;
  • LED Lighting. This function provides clear and distortion-free image quality, which is suitable for children and students to explore the microscopic world;
  • 10~15mm long eye relief. Suitable for people wearing glasses to observe; Provide a comfortable observation experience
  • 1x AAA Battery needed (Not Included)
  • Made of Bamboo and Green PE material, Safe and Eco-friendly

Package Size (mm): 150x50x180

Age: 8 Years+

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