HABA - Terra Kids Connectors 87 Piece Starter Set


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Forage, saw, drill, join. With Terra Kids Connectors you can construct lots of fascinating animals, vehicles and figures. The principle is simple and at the same time ingenious: drill holes in bits of wood, join them together using the connectors provided. The figures gradually take shape. The starter kit includes prefabricated wooden twigs (with bark) which can be pieced together to make at least 3 different objects (by following the instructions provided).

Every construction project is unique as this set stimulates a child's imagination and creativity and inspires them to go outside and make things with the materials they find in nature.

Contents: 1 hand drill (diameter 6 mm), 15 wooden parts, 6 round rods, 6 corks, 59 connectors, 1 set of instructions

Materials: wood, cork, plastic, metal

    Age: 8+

    Made in China



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