Fern & Petal Tea Tree Essential Oil


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Turn to Mother Nature's powerful purifying Tea Tree oil to cleanse, soothe and freshen. Tea Tree is a cleansing middle-note oil with a fresh, earthy, and distinctive medicinal aroma, known for its antibacterial properties.

Size: 10 ml


Fill the room with nature:

  • Add 5-10 drops of tea tree essential oil to your diffuser, depending upon your preference in your diffuser of choice

Cleanse your Soul:

  • Dilute tea tree essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, or almond oil, following proper dilution ratios

Trust In The Time-Tested Tradition Of Tea Tree

With twisting trunks and branches and a unique shaggy, shedding bark, the Australian tea tree bursts into life with masses of white flowers every spring. Our Tee Tree oil is grown on terraced fields along tropical hillsides and flat wet tree farms of Australia's diverse eastern coastline.

Fight back against coughs and colds of winter and emerge in the spring full of health, happiness and fresh motivation. 

Cleanse, purify, invigorate and boost mind, body and soul with Tea Tree's potent antibacterial, anti inflammatory and immune-supporting properties.

When you purchase essential oils it is recommended to speak with a health professional before beginning any kind of topical application. Some oils may interfere with prescription medication, homeopathic remedy or your present health condition.

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