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Gently cleanse your man mane and the skin underneath without over-drying. Formulated with coconut-derived surfactants to cleanse and hydrating aloe to help nourish the beard and skin.

Made with many naturally derived ingredients. No harsh chemicals.

Invigorating scents inspired by nature. Never overpowering.

Recycled materials, cruelty-free, made in the USA, and B-Corp certified

Does this product work with all beard hair types?

Yes. If you’ve got a hairy face, you can and should use this product. Whether you’ve got a long curly lumberjack beard, or a tight shadow, we’ve got you. 

What is beard wash?

Just like our shampoos are specially formulated for your scalp and hair, our beard wash is made with your face and beard in mind. A regular facial cleanser may dry out your beard, while a shampoo might be too harsh for your face. We balanced our blend to be good for both. 

What are the benefits of using beard wash?

Beard wash keeps your face and follicles fresh and clean without drying out your beard or the skin underneath. 

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