Dalcini - Stainless Steel - Square Trio


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Multi-Use: Simple, stylish, and sustainable food storage. Great for lunch, snacks, or leftovers!

Easy Care & High-Quality: Dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, & freezer-safe! These food-grade stainless steel square containers also nest with their lids for space-saving storage.

Lifetime Warranty: Against rust, food stains, and retained odors.

Includes 3 square containers with lids - 1 Large (5.1 (W) x 5.1 (L) x 1.85 (H)”), 1 Medium (4.5 (W) x 4.5 (L) x2 (H) ”), & 1 Small (3.9 (W) x 3.9 (L) x 1.85 (H) ”).


At DALCINI™ Stainless, we believe in safe, simple, sustainable living.  That's why we've made it our mission to provide you with the safest, most durable, low maintenance, stainless steel food containers on the market.  

DALCINI™ products are made of top-quality food grade stainless steel - the kind used in hospitals and commercial kitchens worldwide. The signature shine coupled with a seamless design allows the products to be exceptionally clean. No tight corners or lips for food bacteria to hide and no chemical resins or paints to contend with, which also makes it dishwasher-safe with a lifetime warranty against warping, food stains or odors, even after years of use.

DALCINI™ products are responsibly manufactured in India using the centuries-old craftsmanship and in strict "no child labor" facilities.  

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