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  • This multi-purpose first-aid ointment has been created to soothe dry irritated skin conditions, minor cuts & scrapes, burns, and itchy skin due to dryness or bug bites. Fortified with tea tree oil, this ointment is an ally for gardeners and handy folk, or for bringing up to the cottage or camping.
  • Use for :
  • Minor cuts, scrapes, and skin irritations
  • Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Mosquitoes bites
  • Benefits:
  • Multi-purpose healing ointment.
  • Made with healing herbs of Comfrey and Plantain, which help to regenerate skin cells.
  • Contains Antiseptic essential oil of Tea Tree.
  • Use as a natural alternative to cortisone cream or as a first aid ointment.
  • The ingredients are the product.
  • Key Ingredient Properties:
  • Comfrey Root - Regenerative to skin cells; Anti-Inflammatory; Emollient
  • Chickweed Herb - Helps stop itching; Anti-inflammatory
  • Plantain Herb - Soothing
  • Olive Oil - Moisturizing
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil - Anti-Septic
    • Harvest/Ingredients:
    • Comfrey leaves, Chamomile flowers, Chickweed herb, Plantain leaves, & Burdock root. Infused in pure olive oil, with Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E oil, and Beeswax.
    • Q. Health Canada has cautioned the use of Comfrey, what are their concerns? A. Health Canada has placed a warning on the use of Comfrey of the Russian and Prickly Comfrey variety. These contain a contituent called echimidine, which has been known to cause liver damage when taken internally in large doses. Matter Company does not use these varieties of Comfrey; instead we use symphytum officinalis, or common Comfrey that has not been cautioned against by Health Canada.
    • Q. Is Comfrey Safe for use on my skin? A. Yes. It is one of the main ingredients used in herbal medicine for helping to repair broken skin. This is due to the presence of allantoin, a chemical constituent that has cell proliferating properties to help heal wounds very quickly.

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