Belan J -Ribbed Bamboo Swaddle Sack 1.0 Tog - Rice


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We created the Swaddle Sack for babies who aren’t quite big enough for sleep sacks. These are designed to gently “hug” baby with a snug fit through the torso while leaving room for their legs to comfortably move.  

These Swaddle Sacks are made with our 250gsm Ribbed Bamboo Rayon fabric sandwiched over a quilted cotton batting, giving these a 1.0 TOG rating – perfect for year-round use! The 2-way zipper allows for easy dressing and quick diaper changes for those middle of the night wakings.  Baby's little neck is protected with a chin guard to cover the zipper pull when done up.

Size: one size (6-15lbs)

Fabric Care:

Bamboo fabric is cherished for its softness, breathability, and eco-friendliness, making it an ideal choice for baby clothing. However, it tends to develop pills due to the unique characteristics of bamboo fibers. To ensure your bamboo baby clothes stay in excellent condition and prevent pilling:


  1. Avoid rough surfaces: Before washing, turn clothes inside out and avoid washing them with rough fabrics like towels or jeans, which can lead to friction and pilling.
  2. Air dry: Choose air drying over a tumble dryer to maintain the fabric's softness and prevent damage from high heat.
  3. Use a lint roller: If pills do appear, a lint roller or fabric shaver can easily remove them.

Furthermore, when washing bamboo baby clothes, steer clear of harsh detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, hot water, overloading the washing machine, aggressive cycles, long soaking, excessive sunlight, and wire hangers. Always adhere to care instructions to ensure your bamboo baby clothes remain soft and durable, providing comfort for your little one.

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