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Discover authentic German gourmet mustard, manufactured in PEI, Canada. Atlantic Mustard Mill condiments are made with the finest locally sourced ingredients and 100% solar energy - packed in reusable packaging.

One of the oldest mustard recipes from Germany! 

Medium in heat and oh so wonderful!

No, this mustard's not named after Michael even though some might say he fits the 'Old German' description!

There's a reason this mustard recipe has lasted the ages - it's simply wonderful and has a lovely cinnamon and cardamon flavour. Perfect on sausages, pork. or a sandwich. A must-have for mustard lovers.

250 ml

Stone Ground Whole Seed, Organic Ingredients, Fermented,  Gluten-Friendly

Made with 100% Solar Energy

INGREDIENTS: Organic White Vinegar, Organic Brown & Yellow Mustard Seeds, Water, Honey, Organic Sea Salt, Organic Herbs

Traditionally handcrafted in Prince Edward Island

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