Will You Be My Valentine? Show the Earth Some Love
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and though everyone might be wearing pink and red, we thought we would share our "green" lens to this holiday! Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry might be seen as traditional gifts to bestow upon your special someone, however, there are many other options to explore that will not just make your Valentine feel loved, they will show some love to the earth as well- win win!
First we would like to share some practical tips that you can use this February 14th to make it the greenest Valentine's Day yet!
  • Make homemade, wrapper-less treats to share with classmate and colleagues, like cookies or gluten-free dessert balls. Less waste in the form of plastic means better for the earth! Bonus: it's probably better for those eating them too!


  • Re-purpose Your Valentine's Day Cards from last year by cutting out elements and making a collage on recycled paper. Not only is this a fun craft to make with the kids, it teaches an important lesson on re-purposing and reusing the resources you already have.


  • Gift Consumables this Valentine's Day instead of knick knacks that will just clutter up their house and will eventually be disposed of. Candles, tea, and lotions are all great alternatives as they do get used up eventually and the packaging can either be reused or easily recycled.


  • Invest in experiences rather than big-ticket items. Though getting a babysitter or dinner reservations can be difficult this day of the year, consider just giving the gift of an alternative experience, like an afternoon of cross- country skiing on the weekend, or a wine tour in Niagara. These make great memories without having to fuel the consumerist lifestyle.


  • Make something meaningful if you have skills for it, like knitting a hat for your spouse, or building a bench for the dining room table. In addition to the utility your lucky Valentine will get out of it, there is the added value of your time and thoughtfulness that will not go unnoticed.

The Mrs.Greenway team got together last week and talked about what would make awesome Valentine's Day gifts. We thought we would share them with you to help inspire some great, sustainable ideas that will make for pleased recipients and much loved givers.

Spa Baskets


You can't always predict when you really NEED that spa day. Sometimes you can't wait until the weekend or until you have saved up enough. Being able to create your own oasis in your home is a gift that everyone deserves. We have put together 3 kinds of gift baskets that should be able to fit every budget and need. All the products are natural, organic, and will do your Valentine a world of good.

Gentlemen's Kit


Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to gift your gentleman with a grooming set, complete with accessories for taming that facial hair and keeping his skin smooth and free of irritation. Oh, and these solid colognes are awesome for traveling and using on the go!

Vegan Leather Accessories

matt and nat valentine's day
What lady wouldn't love a clutch or purse from Matt&Nat or Pixie Mood? These best sellers have vegan leather accessories that make easy gifts for your Valentine. Still struggling for ideas fit for your more manly Valentine? We have a stellar selection of vegan leather wallets that will make for a stylish and lasting gift.

Preloved Winter Line

preloved mittens


OK, maybe a little cliche, but come on, what's more appropriate than hearts on Valentine's Day? These mittens are made in Toronto from recycled sweaters - "green" and super cute!

Lemon Lily Tea

 lemon lily tea
Warm the heart (and the hands, and the belly) with a tin of organic Lemon Lily Tea. There are many different types to choose from and offer an elegant but totally appropriate gift for Valentine's.
Whatever you decide to do with or get for your Valentine this year, try to spread the love a little broader than just your special person. Remember that the holidays are a good time to reflect on how you can also give back to your community and preserve the environment!


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