laundry soap

laundry soap


Aren't soap and detergent the same thing? They both clean things, right? Though some people use the terms interchangeably, the simple answer is that no, they are not the same.


Since the beginning of its history in Babylonian times, soap has been made of natural ingredients including plant oils or the acids from animal fat, now referred to as alkali salts of fatty acids. This also means that it is biodegradable (granted that no chemicals have been added).


However due to historical shortages and the expense of production, synthetic cleaners were introduced and labeled as detergents. Unfortunately, now the vast majority of  products which are used for cleaning today are actually detergents instead of soaps, even those created for washing your hands, face, and body. If you are confused or unsure while standing in the aisle of a shop, if the listed ingredients include sodium lauryl sulfate or cocomidoproyl betaine, you're holding a detergent, not a soap.


Furthermore, when these detergents get into the water, they wreck havoc on the natural environment by introducing a number of harmful chemicals which your water purification plant won't be able to remove. And if you are worried about the chemicals on the water, wouldn't you have some apprehensions before washing your children's clothing in them, especially since they wear it against their skin?



However, there are some modifications that you will have to make when switching to laundry soap. Since it doesn't spread universally in water like detergents do, they usually need an additional clear rinse with soft water to prevent the build up of soap scum. Additionally, to best activate the power of soap, it's important to use warm water. This will create a wonderful lather and ensure that your clothes end up as clean as could be, without the damage which detergents create on the environment.



We are often asked "do you carry natural laundry detergent?". Now you understand why we answer no. There is no such thing. However, there are a number of excellent companies which manufacture laundry soaps which are highly concentrated, safe to use on baby clothes, have natural scents, and keep our clothes in excellent condition, all without harming the environment.


For a full selection of our refillable laundry soaps, visit our either our Dundas or Grimsby shop, or visit our online store.


Stay Clean and Green!

Mrs. Greenway


*Live for Tomorrow Products label their Laundry Soap as a detergent since people are used to the term. However, it's really a soap. Thankfully!

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