The Best Natural Teething Solutions for Sore Babies

natural remedies for teething babies


Teething is a difficult time for both infants and their parents. Even babies who have extremely sunny dispositions can quickly become little storm clouds, constantly fussing, crying, and deviating from their regular sleeping patterns. Parents find it difficult to manage these poor babies, and more so if they want to deal with teething naturally, without resorting to medication.


At Mrs.Greenway, we often encounter these wild-eyed, tired parents asking for advice about getting through teething naturally (and with their sanity). We find that every baby is different, and what worked for one might not work for another, so that's why we stock a variety of products for teething babies and let the parents decide on what they would like to try.


Teething Oil

 As a response to the ever-growing demand for natural teething solutions, we found Bug & Pickle teething oil and now stock it in our stores. It contains baby-safe natural ingredients, including oil of Roman chamomile, a natural analgesic, and is applied as needed to your baby's sore gums.

 bug and pickle teething oil

Teethers/Chew Toys

Usually the first stop when stocking a baby's "teething arsenal" is a collection of teething (or chew) toys. Remember that these toys are going into your child's mouth, so it's important that it is made of non-toxic materials and kept as clean as possible. We have an extensive collection in store ranging from silicone, rubber, to wooden versions, but personally, I love the maple RiNGLEY teethers. Designed and produced in Canada, they have a piece of certified organic cotton attached to them that you can either wet with cold water or freeze. Your babies will love chewing on the soft fabric which  simultaneously cools and comforts their inflamed gums.


Amber Necklaces

For years, people have been using amber to naturally keep inflammation at bay. At Mrs. Greenway, we stock the very popular Momma Goose necklaces. Many mamas swear by them, and we love carrying these pretty accessories in our stores. Just remember, they are meant to be worn high on the neck where baby can't pull it into his or her mouth. If you are worried about tying this necklace around your baby's neck, try an anklet instead.

baby amber necklaces


Munch Mitt

Did you know that the super popular Munch Mitt was actually invented by a Burlington mom?! You strap one of these baby-friendly gloves onto your child's hand and watch them self-sooth in style. Not only is it more hygienic than having babies just put their hands in their mouths, the silicone material is non-toxic and it even has a "crunchy" paper sound that babies love. For even more "munch fun," look into their new product, "Buddy bibs" that offer protection while entertaining little ones with their crunch sound and attached chew toy.

Buddy Bib munch mitt



Chew Beads

If your baby is very fussy, it might just be a sign that your world is about to be "chew-beaded". Chew beads can be found on pacifier clips, toys, and even your accessories. We carry some locally made "chew jewelry" for you to wear that baby can safely chew on when needed, ranging from pretty necklaces and neutral coloured bracelets for Dad to wear.

chew bead jewelry



Finding safe and natural teething remedies can be difficult and exhausting, that's why we aim to provide parents with a curated selection that they can trust. Being a mother and a grandmother, I know what it's like to be concerned, so please don't hold back if you have a question or comment.

If you come into one of our stores, either I or an experienced staff member will help you.

If you are shopping online, feel free to shoot us an email at so that you make an informed decision about what you're buying.


If you have any proven natural remedies or products you have used with your kids, please share in the comments.



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