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natural dental care


We hear a lot about natural soaps, face care, sunscreens, and deodorants. We are getting increasingly weary of products packed with harmful chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances. However, dental care is really the first thing we should be considering when switching over to a more natural lifestyle. Why? Because it goes directly in our mouths and is clearly more easily absorbed and digested than even face cream.


This is especially relevant for kids who like to swallow a lot of their toothpaste, especially before they figure out how to brush properly. So what's the solution to our kids swallowing chemicals that have the potential to land them in the hospital if they ingest too much?


Go safe and natural!



Let's tackle dental healthcare one element at a time:



 bamboo toothbrushes

There are two main parts to every toothbrush: the bristles and the handle. We use the handle to brush our teeth with the bristles and thanks to this action, dislodge food particles, eliminate any buildup, and remove stains. It's literally exfoliating and buffing your teeth to get them to be as clean as possible. Dentists suggest that we replace our toothbrushes every  8-10 weeks when the bristles behind to lose their shape and there could be potential bacteria buildup on the toothbrush itself.


However, most toothbrushes are made from plastic and aren't exactly welcome additions to your blue bins. Apart from disposing of them in a zero-waste manner, there is the issue with the toxicity of the bristles which are literally scouring your teeth, gums, and tongue. Do you want something made with chemicals like BPAs, pthalates, and PVC in your mouth? Didn't think so.


We have a selection of natural toothbrushes in our stores which aim to address both the sustainability and health aspects of the "normal" toothbrush. We are also excited to soon introduce our own "in-house" toothbrush, complete with a 100% biodegradable handle and activated charcoal bristles. Follow us on social media for updates on availability in store and online!




 natural toothpaste

If you aren't willing to eat a whole tube of toothpaste because the effects would likely land you in the hospital, why would you use it even in small amounts? Though adults are pretty good at spitting out most of the toothpaste used to clean their teeth and eliminate harmful bacteria, it's logical to think that some of it does remain in our mouths. This is an even greater issue with children who often swallow some if not most of the toothpaste when they start to adopt this personal hygiene habit.


Toothpaste, in our opinion, should be effective while simultaneously harmless to our health, therefore fully natural and, if worst comes to worst, edible. If you can't eat it, it shouldn't be in your mouth. Since the opening of our stores, we have also noticed that many customers have been searching for fluoride free toothpaste that they and their kids can safely use.  In addition to sensitivities and allergies that a portion of the population has to this element, there have been studies linking fluoride to a variety of health issues like thyroid disruption, child tooth decay, endocrine system changes, osteoporosis and cancer.


We stock a number of different toothpastes that are certified organic and fluoride-free, including products from Ugly by Nature, Green Beaver, and Jack N Jill. Customers come back again and again to restock  their favorites or to try a different flavor.





A new trend has appeared on the natural dental care horizon that many have been raving about - activated charcoal. It's incredible how something that is so black in and of itself can naturally brighten your smile while eliminating bacteria so effectively. Activated charcoal is highly absorbent and successfully removes toxins that come in contact with it. The additional perk is that if you do swallow it, it isn't absorbed by the body, rather going through the GI tract without alteration. Therefore, no harm done and lots of benefits to gain! Warning though, this product can be messy, so as Nelson Naturals puts it, "use with common sense". We have been stocking this product in our stores for a few months now due to interest and popular demand.

 nelson naturals activated charcoal toothpaste



Though we don't carry a natural mouthwash in our stores, it's a popular addition to people's dental hygiene routines. If you are looking for something that's not alcohol based or leaves a burning sensation in your mouth, try making your own using ingredients you might already have at home. We stumbled onto a simple mouthwash recipe on DIY Natural using simple household ingredients plus staple essential oils.



Oil Pulling or Swishing


Those who wish to supplement their oral health and have healthier teeth and gums should consider "oil pulling" on a daily basis in addition to their brushing and flossing regimen. Put a tablespoon of organic coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around in your mouth for as long as possible, even up to 20 minutes if you can handle it. Some like to do this as they shower in the morning or as they are preparing for bed.  The oil softens the plaque and bacteria that coat your teeth, leaving them cleaner and whiter. Spit out the oil when you're done and rinse your mouth with warm water.




Switching over to natural dental products is something that those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle should start with. It's possible to achieve stellar dental health while still looking out for the overall health of our bodies, meaning without harmful chemicals and ingredients we should be avoiding.




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