Creating a Zero Waste Bathroom Routine
We've addressed the zero-waste kitchen and talked about zero-waste generally, but what about our zero-waste bathroom swaps? Let's dive into some easy swaps we can make in our personal routines in morning and at night that can make them less wasteful!
  1. Get a Bamboo Toothbrush

Did you know that your typical plastic toothbrush will virtually never biodegrade and is very difficult to recycle? Even if you put it in the blue bin, your municipal waste management department will have trouble recycling it and will like pull it out. By getting a bamboo toothbrush, you're choosing a renewable material that is compostable. Just don't forget to pull out the bristles before you compost it!


  1. Get Zero-Waste Dental Floss

Flossing is a staple in our daily hygiene routine (at least that's what we tell our dental hygienist), but how to avoid the plastic dispenser that it comes in? Answer: go for one in glass! We were so excited to start carrying KMH Touches, where the dispenser looks like a micro mason jar. These can be recycled afterwards and the floss itself is made of silk, so completely biodegradable!

eco dental floss

  1. Use a Soap Bar
Instead of using a soap pump by the sink, consider putting out a bar of soap. If you can get one just wrapped in recyclable paper, it's a great alternative to those plastic pumps. Alternatively, if you don't like the idea, refill your hand soap pump at a refill station.


  1. Toothpaste in Glass

Almost all toothpastes come in tubes, even the natural ones. Thankfully, companies are starting to come out with toothpowder that is packaged in little glass jars that you can either reuse or recycle.

zerowaste toothpaste

  1. Refill Your Hair Products

While some people like to try to make their own hair care products, most of us don't have the time (or the courage!). Find a shop with a refill station that allows you to bring your own bottles with shampoo, conditioner, and even things like body wash and lotion. We're lucky to have Pure Anada all-natural products available for refill in amazing scents, but as demand grows, we are sure more brands will start making this an option for consumers.

refill shampoo


  1. Use a Manual Exfoliator

Instead of using body scrubs that have microplastics or other pollutants in them, use "manual" buffers like brushes, agave soap "socks", or even abrasive soap with natural exfoliators like coffee or oatmeal. These get rid of dull, dry flakes and give you healthy, soft skin without negatively affecting the environment.

soap pouch

  1. Use Facial Rounds

How many cotton rounds do you use in your daily routine? These are just thrown in the trash after one use, something that can easily be "greened" by investing in some facial rounds that are washed after use. Buy a set, keep them in a glass jar in your washroom, and just continue washing them as they get dirty. We just got a shipment in from Marley's Monsters and they are key to decreasing the waste that shows up in the bathroom trash bin.

facial rounds

Going green in your bathroom doesn't have to be an overnight thing, but it WOULD be a great goal to set for #plasticfreeJuly, if you are looking for one. What are some of your #zerowaste switches for the bathroom and your personal hygiene routine?

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