Now offering dconstruct eco-friendly jewellery


dconstruct designs and manufactures unique, eco-friendly jewellery right here in Canada. Every piece is made of recycled resin.

Their work is inspired by nature and minimalist design. dconstruct’s jewellery is handmade from leading architectural materials. Each piece contains a minimum of 40% pre-consumer recycled material. The recycled content would otherwise be waste from producers of sky lights, store fixtures and vending machine covers.

Their organics and textiles are sourced from artisan communities in developing countries around the world. Through this process, they help local tradespeople in struggling communities develop their skills, their businesses, and boost their local economies. The healthier the community, the more effectively they can fight poverty, poor living conditions, and illiteracy. It’s about starting small, and building a future, brick by brick.

Mrs. Greenway is pleased to be able to offer this jewellery in our stores!

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