ZUM Clean® Granite & Counterop Cleaner

Product Description

Brand: Indigo Wild®

The counter culture of kitchen cleaners, Zum Clean® Countertop Cleaner wipes away dirt and germs without scouring the planet. It's the bottle that battles everything from itsy bity growing goo to sticky spilled-on messes to spilt and cried over milk to juices of not-so-sweet variety -- beefy eau de coli of feathered salmonella soufflé. Use it on counters, cabinets, tables, microwaves, refrigerators, walls, doors, shower tiles, kids' toys, windows, mirrors.. any surface that needs to get served. Made with alcohol, pure essential oils, saponified coconut oils. No VOCs, ammonia, bleach, or artificial acids. It's pretty much that purest grade of bitchin' kitchen and sparkling clean latrine.

Size: 16 fl. oz.

INGREDIENTS: Water (filtered), alcohol denat., essential oils, fragrance and sodium cocoate (saponified 100% coconut oil).