TheraWise - Crystal Animals Toothbrush

Product Description

Brand: Thera Wise

Thera Wise Children’s Antibacterial Toothbrush contains a functional natural mineral with the bristle of the brush.

The Natural Antibacterial Effect

The clinically proven antibacterial properties of the natural mineral bristle keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean all day.

Improved Plaque Removal

The natural mineral bristles produce a negative ion coating on the tooth surface to improve plaque removal and eliminate food build up.

No Toothpaste Needed

Due to the negative ion effect and antibacterial properties, only water is required.

Naturally Antibacterial Technology

Having a brush that will not accumulate pathogenic bacteria whether kept in a purse or in the bathroom is a valuable assets for any family on the go.

Worried about re-infection form cold or flu? Worry no more with Thera Wise’s always clean naturally antibacterial toothbrushes.


** Animals on Toothbrush may vary **