Substance - Baby Lip & Cheek Butter


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0.35 oz / 10 g

For chapped lips, cheeks, nose and hands, this soothing baby balm helps moisturize and heal dry skin while creating a barrier between baby's skin and dry cold weather.  Baby will love this wide stick, easy to apply, and safe if ingested!


  • Protects, acts as a barrier from the wind and cold
  • Moisturizing with super rich oils of cocoa butter and jojoibaoil
  • Healing for extreme dryness & chapping using soothing, anti-inflammatory and vulnerary herbs of calendula, plantain, and nettle
  • Unscented, safe if ingested
  • Easy roll on dispenser


Soya bean oil, calendula flowers (Anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-microbial), chamomile flowers, nettle herb, plantain herb (Anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-microbial, soothing), cocoa butter (Moisturizing, barrier cream, emollient, high in anti-oxidants), coconut oil, jojoba oil (Rich in vitamin E, high in plant phospholipids), vitamin E, beeswax (natural barrier)

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