Spilt Milk Baby Co - Muslin Baby Cloths Safety Pin

Product Description

Brand: Spilt Milk Baby Co

5 cotton muslin baby cloths

Spilt Milk is Created by a mom of two small kiddos, who was left frustrated by her hunt for the perfect baby cloth - everything was either too small, too rough, too thick or fell apart after a few washes. After stumbling across a sample of 100% muslin from South Korea, an idea was sparked. Many prototypes, sleepless nights and cups of coffee later, the Spilt Milk cloths were born — spill-tested on her active kiddos and designed to be proudly displayed.


The baby cloths are super thin to get into all the small baby folds. : )

Don’t cry over spilt milk.
From big spills to single tears, meet the new 100% cotton baby cloth that’s built to withstand the toughest messes, and soft enough to soothe all kinds of sniffles.

Must-have for the modern parent.
Made for the minimalist diaper bag, these cloths go from washcloth to burp cloth to napkin in a flash. Big enough to cover a large area, soft enough for sensitive skin and thin enough to clean between those (adorable) leg rolls.

Wipe, wash, repeat.
It’s a sticky, snotty world out there. When these 100% cotton muslin cloths get dirty, just throw them in the washer and dryer with your regular laundry. (Bonus: they’ll get softer each time!)

Dimensions: 35 cm x 35 cm


Designed in Canada. Made in Korea from 100% Muslin Cotton