Sous La Lune Soap Shop - Felted Soap

Product Description

Brand: Sous La Lune Soap Shop

Handmade felted soap bars

Felted soaps provide mild exfoliation and produce a thick lather. Soap lasts up to 6 times longer than using an unwrapped bar alone.

Merino wool is an excellent, natural and delicate exfoliant, as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. These handmade bars are an asset to clean your pores, your body and dry skin. It's excellent and soft on dry and often-washed hands. Gardners and mecanics especially appreciate hand cleaning after a long day of hard work, and kids love them as the bars do not slip from their small hands in the bath

Merino Wool 100%

Base Oils:
Shea butter
Palm (Certified Organic - Ethically Harvested)

Essential Oils

Cured weight: 4 oz

$12.00 $16.00