SLiCK KiDS™ no nasties is a brand of 100% natural hair and body products

Product Description

Brand: SLiCK KiDS™

SLiCK KiDS™ is a brand of 100% natural hair and body products. Sister company to No Nasties - it only made sense to create a brand that could bring wholesome natural products to everyday life using shampoo, body wash and hair styling products.

Manufactured in New Zealand, you can be sure that the quality and love is put into each and every bottle. Created using high grade native Australian extracts like Emu Apple, Caviar Lime, Lilli Pilli, Kangaroo Paw Flower and Kawakawa. And loads of nourishing natural extracts such as Banana, Broccoli and Chamomile are added as well. They smell amazing and fresh - and work great too!! This product is a world first, taking months and months to perfect! Bringing you a line with NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic colours and of course using our world famous, gorgeous recyclable packaging!! 

Hair Paste 125 ml

SLiCK KiDS™ all natural plant based Hair Paste is made with Sunflower wax offering extreme hold so your awesome creations will stay in place! Kangaroo Paw Flower extract promotes healthy hair and power packed Banana fruit supports hair growth. With a tropical scent of fresh Coconut and zesty Lime you’ll soon be dreaming of sunshine and sandcastles.

Hair Gel 125 ml

SLiCK KiDS™ all natural plant based Hair Gel offers medium hold and shine. Infused with Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate hair and scalp, Lilli Pilli to add shine and fullness and Emu Apple to provide superior rich gloss and anti-frizz properties. With the uplifting scent of zesty lime and fresh mint you’ll be feeling as cool as you’ll be looking!

Hair Detangler 250 ml

SLiCK KiDS™ all natural plant based Hair Detangler will allow your brush or comb to run smoothly through your hair, ensuring no more breakages and no more tears. Native Australian Emu Apple extract provides natural conditioning and hair detangling properties while calming and soothing. Chamomile extract imparts brightness and shine. Enjoy an invigorating scent of fresh Mandarin and sweet, juicy Grape.

Hair Spray 200 ml

SLiCK KiDS™ all natural plant based & alcohol free Hair Spray is a nutrient rich, hydrating and shine boosting spray with ultimate hold. Lilli Pilli extract builds firmness into the hair root to add fullness and volume while Marshmallow extract will protect and make your hair appear thicker. With the natural scent of calming Lavender and fresh Lime your hair will smell and look amazing, all day long.

Hair & Body Wash 400 ml

SLiCK KiDS™ all natural plant based Hair & Body Wash is a healthy multi-functional product. Gentle green cleansing ingredients remove dirt and grime without stripping the skin and native New Zealand Kawakawa extract cleanses and detoxifies. Banana Fruit extract provides a vitamin and mineral boost for your hair and skin and with a tropical Pineapple and Mango natural fragrance you will be looking and smelling squeaky clean from your head to your toes.