Samyoga Lavender Eye Pillow

Product Description

Brand: Samyoga

Lavender Flaxseed Eye Pillows are the perfect addition to your yoga practice and self care routine. Use your eye pillow at the end of yoga practice and before sleep. 
The weight of the eye pillow will soothe tired eyes and the scent of lavender has a naturally relaxing effect.  Eye pillows can be used at room temperature, heated in the microwave, cooled in the freezer & refreshed with your favourite essential oils. 
  • Filled with flaxseeds & dried lavender flowers.
  • Outer cover is removable
  • Machine wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. 

Every single Samyoga product is made in Toronto with loving hands. About 90% of our items are made in house with a small percentage of pieces made in other local Toronto factories that are passionate about Canadian manufacturing. Samyoga believes in working close to home, supporting our local industry and advocating for fair wages for skilled work. When you purchase Samyoga, this is what your support is helping to grow.

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