Power Up! A Visual Exploration of Energy - By Shaker Paleja

Product Description

Brand: Annick Press

An innovative infographic look at what makes our world light up, work, and run.

It's impossible to imagine our lives without energy, but how often do we really think about where it comes from? With Power Up! discovering what you need to know about energy is easy and fun. Each bright, dynamic spread illustrates cool facts about energy use with colorful infographics, including charts, diagrams, and maps.

Here’s where to find out about:

• The pros and cons of the top energy sources, like fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and hydropower;
• The straight goods on hot issues like oil sands, fracking, and greenhouse gases;
• Where energy of the future will come from: the sun? tides? algae? or something new?
• Answers to intriguing questions such as: What's vampire power, and why does it suck?
• What burning waste can do to reduce all that garbage.

Designed to appeal to visual learners, reluctant readers, and anyone who is keen to know more about the world of energy, Power Up! packs an impressive amount of information into a concise, appealing package, and serves as an exciting, accessible introduction to the topic.