Nooks - Kids' upcycled wool mittens - masculine colours

Product Description

Brand: Nooks Design

These cozy mittens are made from upcycled wool and are lined with a bamboo/Merino fleece for warmth and softness.  The ribbed cuff makes them easy to stretch over squirmy hands and they stay in place comfortably with no need for cumbersome snaps, ties, straps, etc.

The smallest size (6-24m) does not have a thumb to make them even easier to get on.

Please note that since each pair is one-of-a-kind, they will not be the same as ones pictured. You may leave color preferences in the notes section and we will try to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee. We cannot recreate pairs nor remake any styles that were previously listed or made in other sizes

$15.00 $34.99