Mindful Moments At Bedtime: Tall Trade Format - by Scarlett Wing

Product Description

Brand: Thomas Allen & Son

t only takes a Moment.... This beautiful book is full of ways to take just a Moment or two to wind down and think about the day that was - and the day that will dawn tomorrow.   

Share a Moment at the end of the day with your child.   Listening and talking with your child sends a wonderful message of caring and love.  And the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment can help minimize anxiety and increase happiness.   Inside this peaceful bedtime book are 12 Mindful Moments to share in a quiet and thoughtful way, before sailing away on the dreamship.

• A soothing bedtime ritual to read together offers moments of thoughtful conversation and restful reflection, for children and their grownups
• Ready to relax and have a quiet bedtime conversation?  Open to any Moment -  Includes 12  Mindful Moments to read together
• Think, talk, imagine and wish.... all the way to sweet dreams and a world full of love. 
• Beautiful illustrations throughout for playful color and rich texture
• Thicker pages than a regular storybook to allow for reading over and over again without traditional wear and tear.