mimiTENS - Upcycled Collection - Mittens & Booties

Product Description

Brand: Mimitens


The mimiTENS UPCYCLE collection is one of the most special projects we have ever done. We are making something awesome and trying hard to lessen impact on the environment. 


Some of the biggest brands in the world manufacture in Toronto.  
They have their fabric knit, dyed, cut and sewn here.  
One of our fabric factories is known all over the world as the very best in knitting 100% cotton fleece.  
We have been working with them for many, many years.
This has actually been one of mimiTENS calling cards.  
We don't cheap out on fabric. 


Our industry has a huge problem with fabric waste.  
A lot of fabric waste goes in our landfill.  


We collect bags of fabric off-cuts from a factory in Mississauga and bring it to our cut and sew facility in Scarborough.  Each bag has pieces of 100% cotton, fleece in it and you don't always know what size these pieces are going to be.  Some pieces are big enough to make a mitten thumb.  Some pieces are big enough to make a bootie.  

We organize the pieces by size and cut them with our dyes. 
This is a very labour intensive project.  
Every piece of fabric has to be cut by hand.  
They have to be laid out a certain way to catch the grain of the fabric.  
But it is all totally worth it.  

The result is a 100% cotton mitten that feels like posh European felt.  
The mittens and booties are soft and pliable.  
They are the perfect layer for when it is cool out but not entirely freezing.  


mittens and booties: 100% cotton.  Oeko-Tex certified.
sleeve: 85-90% cotton and 10-15% nylon. 


Wash mittens and booties in cold water.  
Tumble dry low or hang to dry.  
Do not dry clean. Do not iron.