Mason Jar Lids - Straw Hole Lids For Thick Straws

Product Description

Brand: Mason Jar Lids


For THICK Straws
Fits Mason Jar Lids' Thick (Smoothie) Stainless Steel Straws:  0.5" wide (12mm)
Available in Thirteen Vibrant Colours!
Single Piece Mason Jar Lid (Plastisol)

Unique, Single Piece Lid Great For All of Your Mason Jar Needs!  

Pairs With Our Exclusive *Perfect Masons* For the Best Looking Collection Around :) 

Size:  Regular Mouth, 70mm, 2 3/4", 70/400, G70

Blackout Black
Winter White
Stunning Silver
Glamorous Gold
Incognito Camo
Ruby Red
Sunset Orange
Sunshine Yellow
Emerald Green
Royal Blue
Perfectly Purple
Dusty Rose
Sky Blue