Mason Jar Lids - Perfect Mason Large

Product Description

Brand: Mason Jar Lids


These Jars are Fabulous for:

  *A Fabulously Organized Pantry  *Laundry Room  *Kid's Room  *Crafting Area *Packaging Gifts *Drinks and Food on the Go  *Home Decor  *Terrarium  *Displaying Items
Be Sure to Check out All of the Amazing Lids to Find Even More Great Zero Waste Uses for These Perfect Masons.
The Combinations Are Limitless!
Mason Jars are Ridiculously Versatile.
They can be Up-Cycled, Recycled, Reused,
and Drastically Reduce Waste.
All of Your Stuff Looks Good and so Does the Planet!
Jar Size:  750ml (25oz)
 Lid Size:  Regular Mouth, 70G
Pure Glass Jar and The Highest Quality Vinyl Available!
Our Vinyl:  
The Vinyl We Use is Durable!
Cut With German Carbide Blade for the Sharpest of Lines
Rated for 6 Years OUTDOOR Use.
Highly UV Resistant = Little Fading
We Have Put Our Personal Jars in the Dishwasher For Eight Months and Counting
The Only Thing They are Not Resistant to is You Picking Them Off :)
If You Decide to Remove the Image There is a No Residue Backing!vv