Hot Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

Product Description

Brand: Mrs Greenway

Later on, let's conspire to have some hot chocolate by the fire. Not the powdered stuff. The holidays are all about comfort food, and Belgian chocolate is most comforting hot chocolate around. Christy's Gourmet hot chocolate spoons only need be stirred into a cup of hot milk for instant holiday magic. Savor the moment with Wicked Shortbread's Toffee Shortbread for soaking and dipping.

Ward off the cold and slow down the speed of the holidays with our Hot Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket. Forget golden rings and partridges, we recommend 12 days of hot chocolate and toffee shortbread.

  • Mason Jar Mug
  • 3 Hot Chocolate Spoons made from Belgian chocolate. Stir into 1 Cup of Hotmilk and enjoy! - Handmade in Burlington, ON by Christy's Gourmet
  • Box of Wicked Shortbread's Cookies, made in Orangeville, ON