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Gift-a-Green is a one-of-a-kind collection encompassing the true DIY spirit of growing your own indoor garden. Each pouch comes with one of eight different varieties of microgreen seeds and a special blend of dried coconut coir. Users will be thrilled to plant the seeds and watch their microgreens grow over a two-week period resulting in delicious and nutritious microgreens that can be added to a favourite dish. The best part of all, no need to transplant – The Pouch is the Pot!

What is a microgreen?
Whereas sprouts are the first stage of a plant’s life, microgreens are the second stage when roots establish themselves and the first leaves appear.  They are harvested before the adult stage leaves emerge.  If allowed to continue to grow, microgreens then become baby salad greens.

Our Gift-a-Green grow pouches offer a great base to start your homegrown microgreen garden. Our dehydrated coir growing medium should remain moist throughout the growing process - which takes anywhere from 5 - 12 days depending on the seed type. Our microgreens do not require any fertilizers or growing boosters. Simply plant the seeds, add water and allow for sunlight - just as nature intended. 

After the microgreens have developed their first couple sets of leaves, they are ready to harvest. This will vary according to the type of plant, but it is usually 7-14 days after they were planted.  With a pair of sharp kitchen shears or scissors, cut the microgreens right above the base of the plant.  Generally, microgreens do not regrow after the first harvest however, we do offer seed packs which can be grown in the same Gift-a-Green pouch with the same growing medium. 

Once harvested, rinse the microgreens in a colander under cold water.  Microgreens are used as a garnish to top of any of your favourite dishes including pasta, pizza, stews, fish and many other dishes.  They are a great addition to any salad or cheese plate and can even be enjoyed on their own.  

Microgreens are very easy to grow and provide you with a tasty and nutritious alternative to lettuce.  They can be grown on countertops or windowsills and the time from planting until harvest is a matter of days.  Simply provide them with light and a little water and you will be harvesting your first crop before you know it!

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