Product Description

Brand: Doidy Cup Canada

Ready to for your little one move up to a cup? The DOIDY Cup was scientifically designed with its unique slant to teach infants to drink from a rim, NOT a spout.

Young infants (from around 3 months) find the two handled cup easy to drink from because:

  • The contents are visible to them; 
  • Due to the sloping design there is no forward or downward movement of the head; 
  • They do not have to tip the cup up as they can see the contents when drinking; 
  • Teaches them to drink from an open cup and also to put it down correctly; 
  • They will not overfeed, as the baby sets the pace and the quantity.

Drinking from the DOIDY cup helps to develop chewing skills as the jaw, tongue and mouth muscles are used. It also helps with hand eye co-ordination. Infants find this movement perfectly natural, therefore it is so easy to wean them from the breast or bottle. Breast fed babies from around 3 months or earlier can use a DOIDY cup for expressed milk. There is no need to use a bottle for all liquids in the weaning process. Bottle fed babies should be introduced to a DOIDY cup at 6 months or earlier and all bottles should be discouraged after one year.


  1. Slanted rim allows child and caregiver to see the contents easily to help regulate flow and allows for neutral head posture.
  2. Assists with hand eye coordination to bring the cup to the mouth and to place it on the table instead of throwing on the floor.
  3. Easy to clean as there are no crevices or cracks for bacteria to collect in.  Dishwasher safe.
  4. Use as early as 3 months with breast fed babies and 6 months with bottle fed babies.
  5. Natural motion of the mouth used similar to breast feeding.
  6. Helps to develop the jaw and tongue muscles to assist with speech and chewing skills.

BPA Free, does not contain Phthalates or PVC and is entirely recyclable.


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