Define Planet PooBags 8 rolls 136 Bags

Product Description

Brand: Define Planet

Define Planet Eco-Friendly Poopbags are all about our Planet and helping the environment: Have confidence that you are doing your part for the environment when using Define Planet Poobags. Our eco-friendly Poobags are strong, thick and have reinforced seals at the bottom of each bag which prevents leakage and guarantees doodie free hands. The bags are citrus scented, offering a great natural deodorizing smell. Our bags have uncompromising strength and quality. Not only are you helping the environment, and getting an awesome solution for your pet waste.

The packaging boxes and cores of our rolls are all made of recycled materials Even our Dispensers are also made of recycled plastic. The bags are EPI Certified & Bio-degradable.

Size: 8 rolls with total of 136bags/box