Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Mini Tin

Product Description

Brand: Putty World

Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty is available in Mini 2" Tins. Each tin contains .47oz of your favourite thinking putty available from different collections

Glow - Starts out a simple white by day, but by night they come alive in mesmerizing hues that glow for hours. Expose them to bright light for the boldest effect.

Electric - Exceptionally brilliant and inspiring, it’s just the thing to spark a flash of genius.

Hypercolour  - This groovy putty changes color with just the heat of your hands. The awesome effect makes it perfect for twists, duo-toned sculptures. Put it in the fridge then against a warm coffee mug to experience an even more intense colour change.

Illusion - Iridescence, causes all of these Puttys to shift colours right before your eyes

Scented Sand and Surf - Turn any day into a beach day with Sand & Surf Thinking Putty. It shimmers with golden glitter and a gleaming aqua sheen. Scented with warm suntan lotion and fresh ocean air, it’s sure to transport you to your happy place.