Bonikka - Emmy Lu with Red Hair

Product Description

Brand: Bonikka

 Our collection of beautifully handcrafted rag dolls is created around the concept of family, the bond that ties us together and through which a special kind of love and sense of responsibility are expressed. Gifting a Bonikka doll to a young one in our lives, conveys our enduring love for them, letting them know we will always stand behind them in their journey through life… just like family!

Bonikka addresses a universal need we all have for someone familiar to share experiences with, confide in, and provide comfort. The term familiar, from familiaris in Latin, literally means "to be like family”. Bonikka dolls are about exactly that; each doll is a friend, waiting to be adopted by some special child as their favourite companion, ready to provide comfort whenever needed and remind them they are indeed deeply loved.

Meet Ella lu, Part of the Lulu Collection - soft, colourful and ready to play. Each doll is crafted using great textures and fabrics to be safe for all ages. The dolls can be handwashed and are ethically made in Sri Lanka.