Babiators - Accessories Pack

Product Description

Brand: Babiators

The Babiators Accessory Pack is an essential for keeping your kids Babiators clean - there's also a strap for keeping their sunglasses on their face so they won't fall off! This awesome accessories kit ensures that your favourite pair of Babiators are secure, smudge-free, and protected.

Babiators are a favourite with celebrity kids (kids of The Kardashians, Sarah Jessica Parker and Neil Patrick Harris to name a few) so your little one will be in good company!

What's in the Accessory Pack? A sunglasses case, cleaning cloth and strap to keep the stylish shades on your child.

Cool things to know:

  • Fits both Junior and Classic Babiators sizes
  • Comes with a soft lens cloth in a cool cloud print

  • Canvas Babiators Bag to protect them between awesome adventures

  • Comes with a secure Babiators strap to help keep those stylish shades on your kids face

  • Please note: Babiators sunglasses not included